General Practice

Whether you’re buying a home or preparing for the future, our attorneys provide advice and services to help our clients prepare and plan for these important decisions. These services include:

  • Preparation of Wills
  • Preparation and Negotiation of Real Estate Contracts
  • Preparation of General and Limited Power of Attorney



Although it is certainly unpleasant to think about what happens to our loved ones and property after our death, the preparation and execution of a will is necessary to protect the ones you love. Passing away without a will has many disadvantages and can negatively impact your loved ones after your death. Our attorneys will work with you to ensure your wishes are taken into consideration after your death. The preparation of a will offers the following advantages and security:

  1. Choose the guardian for your minor children, aged parents, or other legal dependents.
  2. Control the distribution of your property to your family, friends, charities, and other intended beneficiaries based on you’re your intent.
  3. Specify your funeral arrangements
  4. Name a personal representative (an executor/executrix) to oversee the settlement of your affairs after your death.
  5. Avoid inheritance disputes
  6. Reduce or eliminate certain expenses associated with your death (attorney’s fees, court costs, bond requirements).

Preparing your last will and testament can be very complex depending on the size of your estate. Please contact our office to make an appointment with our attorneys to ensure your loved ones are taken care of and provided for after your death.


While many people plan for their loved ones after their death, few people actually plan for a lifetime disability leaving them unable to manage their personal, financial, and business affairs. Illness, injury, accident, or old age may render you unable to control your affairs and result in the court appointing someone to make decision on your behalf. The preparation of a power of attorney permits you to choose the person who controls these affairs and permits them to make important decision on your behalf in the event you are unable to do so.

The preparation of a power of attorney should be discussed with an attorney. Please contact our office to make an appointment with our experienced attorneys.


Buying a home is the biggest purchase in most people’s lives. Our firm represents buyers and sellers through the entire home buying process or various stages of the home buying process.

  • Negotiation, Preparation, or Review of the Contract for the Sale of Real Estate
  • Representation at Closing